Minutes 9-18-14





Friends of Harrison Bay State Park




The meeting was called to order by Pres. Angie Underwood. The Secretaries report was read and approved. The Treasurer’s report was read and approved. VEC approved $500 toward completion of the observation platform. Roger Carr moved that up to $2500 be available from Friends money to complete the project. Deanne Morgan seconded, and the motion was approved. It was also reported that the Labor Day pancake breakfast was very successful, clearing about $450.




It was reported that the new picnic tables for A campground are not in yet, meaning the restored picnic tables from the picnic area are still being used in the campground on a temporary basis. Internet WIFI is not functioning yet in the campgrounds.




Ranger Matt reported on the bird enclosure which now houses three rescued birds. The dedication ceremony will be Sept. 27 at 12:00. It was requested that attendees bring cookies to serve as snacks at the dedication. Angie will work on a brochure for the event. Matt requested that a few volunteers from the group assist in ongoing bird cage maintenance. Angie will coordinate the volunteer sign-up. Dee Dee and Ken Hisey volunteered.




Halloween at the Park was discussed. New Bethel Baptist will be providing all the children’s games for the park. The concession menu is to be downsized, with no satellite vending station. It was decided that there will be a meeting at 6pm on Oct. 16 for all Friends members interested in volunteering, and a meeting on Oct. 21 at 6pm for all outside volunteers, both led by Ranger Matt.




Ron Sample reported that a concert will be held Oct. 4 at the park from 12-6. He asked if concessions would be provided by the Friends group; LeaAnn suggested that the sale of concessions at the singing events was not labor or time effective.




The replacement of swings and benches was discussed. Roger reported that some replacements were found for about $500, and the group discussed replacing one at a time over time. This will be further discussed.




The meeting was adjourned.